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Third Thursday – Christmas Edition

Have you been to one of our Third Thursday events before? No? GOOD! For the first time ever, it pays to wait until the last minute! 

What’s so special?

As this is our final Third Thursday of the year, and right up against Christmas, no less, we’ve decided to pull out all the stops. We’re going to have snacks, drinks (all sorts), massive discounts on gear and classes, and epic raffle prizes! And, if you’ve never been here before, you get extra chances to win stuff! But what kind of stuff are we talking about here? Well, how about…

Massive Discounts on Gear

If you’ve been here before, then you know the brands we carry. If not, well, there are hints on this page somewhere. The point is, we’re offering up to 40% off on a gaggle of products (we actually aren’t allowed to say who and exactly how much!) we carry.

...and Classes!

How about taking up to 30% off your next specialty course? Just a couple bucks down and you can go home with the eLearning. Take 90 days to pay the rest and take your course within a year!

It Gets Even Better!

How about a raffle prize, or two? You could walk out with a brand new SeaLife ReefMaster underwater camera? Want a Shearwater Peregrin Personal Dive Computer? That’s an option, too. Heck, we’re also giving away a couple specialty courses and even an Open Water Diver package! And that’s just the tip of the penguin’s iceberg! Scroll down for a bigger list.

*** What's the catch? ***

The catch is this: there are only four ways to get a raffle ticket!

#1: You gotta’ be here!

First, you have to be here. No absentee winners! You get ONE ticket just for showing up. Everyone who shows up gets a ticket. But!…

If you have been to a TT before and you BRING someone new, not only do you get a second ticket, but your new guest gets TWO as well!

Every new person to Third Thursday gets two tickets, whether you came with someone or not!

All drawings to be held at 8pm. And you have to be here to win!

#2: Be social.

I know, it’s my least favorite thing, too. But if you’re on FB, “like” our page (SpartanScuba) and share this event! Tag @SpartanScuba in the post and tell everyone this a new local dive shop. You can put the words “great”, “fun”, “exciting”, “epic” in the post as well if you feel up to it. No pressure. You get a ticket just for liking and sharing!

You can score yourself another ticket again by doing the same thing on Instagram! Follow our page (@SpartanScuba), then post a scuba photo of your own, or share one of ours and tag us on the photo and in the comments. Again, new shop in town, or favorite shop, or something. 

*** ***

#3: Food or cash – up to four more.

As Spartans we care deeply for the world around us, both under and above water. This year Spartan SCUBA is donating all proceeds from this part of the raffle to Snowcap who can leverage dollars for food and clothing at amazing rates. An extra $10 bucks goes a long way with Snowcap, but so will five cans of protein or vegetable food product. 

Every five cans of food gets the donor one additional ticket, up to a total of four tickets. Or, you can use cash. Additional tickets are $10 each, or you can buy 4 tickets for $35… again, money goes farther than cans with Snowcap.

*** And number four ***

#4: Support your local Spartan dive shop.

Every purchase you make gets you an additional ticket. If you’ve already signed up to go on one of our trips, you get two tickets when you show up. If you sign up tonight, you get four tickets!

Everything available tonight will have it’s ticket benefit listed, from one to a max of four.

Are you in?

If this gathering sounds like fun in anyway, that’s because it is! You can check below for sponsors who are generously donating to our event. If you want to join us, just click that button over there ===> and let us now you’ll be coming so we know how many to expect! Hope to see you soon!

Visit our wonderful raffle donors!

Chris Lucier: SDI Regional Rep

Here are some of the raffle prizes!

  • Complementary Open Water SCUBA Diver course and training! (courtesy of Chris Lucier with SDI and Doc and Spartan Scuba)
  • One of two SDI specialty courses with training (Chris Lucier and Doc)
  • New Reefmaster 4k Underwater Camera
  • A new Shearwater Peregrine PDC 
  • One of three Mask and Snorkel kits
  • One of two, winter-time furnace tune-ups (Scuba Steve and Deluxe Heating and Cooling)
  • How about a $50 gift card to White’s Country Meats!? (Rev. Randall)
  • and so much more!

And, win, bid, or buy...

  • Gift certificates to various local shops
  • Win $100 off any tattoo session with Andy
  • A basket of Doc’s favorite things
  • Spartan swag galore!
  • And, only tonight, EPIC sales on…
    • Shearwater
    • DiveRite
    • BigBlue
    • Cressi

Doc Strand

An eight year Marine Corps veteran, Dr. Strand discovered Chinese medicine as a last resort when recovering from a military related injury. He has since dedicated his life to the practice of medicine; a doctor to all - a healer to many. In recent years he has turned to SCUBA diving as a meditation aid in his quest for ultimate peace. The desire to share that gift led to the creation of Spartan Scuba. Doc’s experiences and travels abroad impact not only his writing style, but his passion for life, scuba, and medicine.

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