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Add On Services for VIP

Visual Inspection Procedures

All of our tank VIPs are performed by Chief Spartan, Doc, who is a PSI-PCI Cylinder trained and certified inspector.

From inspections to cleaning, we perform all of our tank services in-house. Tanks are inspected inside and out, including the valves, tank threads, and under boots.

All stickers, decals, and markings on a tank must be removed prior to inspection. If the tank requires hydrostatic testing we offer drop off and pick up services a local testing facility in Portland, Oregon.

Frequently Asked Questions

Visual Inspection Procedure

Tanks are required to undergo a visual inspection once every twelve months. After inspection, each tank receives a sticker which indicates its most recent inspection date.

Anything and everything tank. Tanks and tank valves are visually inspected inside and out for dents, cracks, chips, pitting, and corrosion. Tank boots and previous stickers/decals are removed so that every inch of the tank can be visibly inspected.

Currently we are using Huser Fire for all of our tank hydrostatic testing. If you would like us to take your tanks down for testing after they have been VIP’d please let us know. Price for the testing per tank is set by Huser Fire with an additional $10 transportation fee for all tanks included in the service.

We ask that all stickers and decals are removed prior to drop off for inspection. This allows us to ensure no pitting, cracks, corrosion, or damage to the exterior portion of the tank.


Please also hose or wipe down extraordinarily dirty tanks to prevent dust or debris from getting inside the tank once the valve is removed.


If you don’t have the time or would like either of these services done for you, we are more than happy! Please see the add on services for tank VIP in the section below for a current breakdown of all services offered and their fees.