START? How about TREATS?

START is the acronym, nay mantra for every decompression and beyond diver. It is supposed to be a brain trigger to help remember the key steps to follow before departing on a deeper or more complex dive. START stands for; S-drills, Team, Air, Route, and Tables. While it’s an important part of technical diving, I’m not a fan, but only because it’s out of order!Let me break down START…

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This glorious piece of rental gear did not function as expected.

Always Take the Basics!

It was a dive that wasn’t supposed to happen. I had considered it, weighed the options, and rejected it. And then I signed up for it!I had plenty of time to prepare, even going so far as to look up connecting with a dive company outside of the cruise people. In essence, the number of excuses I have for not bringing my own gear is ZERO. Rental gear is…

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Do you dive your backups?

We all have them. Or at least, those of us who dive consistently do. We have two, and sometimes even three of everything. They're our backups and they can do everything from save the dive day to preventing underwater catastrophe. Some backups are simple, even cheesy replacements... sort of a "just in case". Other's are exact duplicates of our favorite piece of gear. A lot of what we choose is…

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