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Diving Cabo. Is it worth it?

I just got my feet back on the ground after an epic dive trip to Cabo San Lucas. Eight days and seven nights spent blowing bubbles with the amazing Nautilus Dive Tech team, all while enjoying the gracious hospitality and comfort of their private, three-bedroom, three-bath, on-site casa!

While I have many, MANY things to say about this trip, I thought I would just sum it all up in one brief post.

Doc * Made it to San Fran! * Scuba Steve

Where IS Cabo San Lucas?

For those edukated in the US, Cabo is at the tip of the little dangly bit just left of the country below us. For everyone else, Cabo San Lucas sits nestled between the Sea of Cortez and the Pacific Ocean at the tip of the Baja California Peninsula. 

There’s a rock formation which travels south east to the sea, and is appropriately called “Land’s End”. The iconic “El Arco” rock formation frames the confluence of the waters. It shelters a colony of sea lions. 

My Report:

Cabo San Lucas: A Scuba Diver’s Paradise

Cabo San Lucas is a world-renowned diving destination, and for good reason. With its warm waters, diverse marine life, and stunning underwater scenery, Cabo offers something for every diver.

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced pro, you’re sure to have an unforgettable diving experience in Cabo San Lucas. Here are just a few of the things that make Cabo so special:

  • Diverse marine life: Cabo is home to a wide variety of marine life, including sharks, rays, turtles, dolphins, and whales. You may even spot a humpback whale or two during the winter months!
  • Warm waters: Cabo’s waters are typically in the mid-70s Fahrenheit year-round, making it a comfortable place to dive any time of year.
  • Stunning underwater scenery: Cabo’s underwater world is just as beautiful as its surface world. With its colorful reefs, rocky pinnacles, and sunken ships, Cabo offers something to see for everyone.
  • Easy access: Cabo is easily accessible from major airports in the United States and Canada. This makes it a great destination for a quick getaway or a longer vacation.

If you’re looking for an amazing scuba diving experience, Cabo San Lucas is the perfect place for you. Here are just a few of the amazing dive sites you can explore in Cabo:

  • Cabo San Lucas Marine Park: This UNESCO World Heritage Site is home to a wide variety of marine life, including sharks, rays, turtles, and dolphins.
  • Gordo Banks: These two deep offshore pinnacles are a great place to see pelagic fish, such as hammerheads, tuna, and marlin.
  • Neptune’s Finger: This unique rock formation is home to a variety of fish and invertebrates.
  • Santa Maria Cove: This sheltered cove is a great place to see sea lions and other marine life.
  • Pelican Rock: This popular dive site is home to a variety of fish, including moray eels, scorpionfish, and puffers.

Will we be going back?

Yep. My plan is to work with Dael at Nautilus Dive Tech to bring Spartans to Cabo at least twice in 2024. Once for experienced, cold water divers, and a second time for those wishing to certify!

If you’re interested in booking a scuba diving trip to Cabo San Lucas, we invite you to contact us today. We offer a variety of dive packages to suit all budgets and experience levels. We also have a team of experienced and knowledgeable dive instructors who can help you make the most of your diving experience in Cabo.

Here are a few tips for planning your scuba diving trip to Cabo San Lucas:

  • Book your trip in advance, especially if you’re traveling during peak season.
  • Choose a reputable dive shop.
  • Get certified before you go, or find the right shop and ‘Train to Travel’!
  • Pack the right gear.
  • Be aware of the local conditions.
  • Have fun!

We hope to see you in Cabo San Lucas soon!

If you're not going with us...

…then I strongly suggest you connect with the amazing team at Nautilus Dive Tech. A beautiful shop with onsite pool, outdoor kitchen, and all the dive support you could ever need.

Doc Strand

An eight year Marine Corps veteran, Dr. Strand discovered Chinese medicine as a last resort when recovering from a military related injury. He has since dedicated his life to the practice of medicine; a doctor to all - a healer to many. In recent years he has turned to SCUBA diving as a meditation aid in his quest for ultimate peace. The desire to share that gift led to the creation of Spartan Scuba. Doc’s experiences and travels abroad impact not only his writing style, but his passion for life, scuba, and medicine.

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