Dispelling the Tech Myth

Last weekend I was coming up out of a quick 40 minute dive when a Divemaster candidate from another shop quipped, “I thought tech divers were supposed to stay down longer!” I cringed and blew it off on the outside, but deep inside I churned.Time does NOT make you a tech diver. If not time, then what? There are three things which put a diver into the tech category,…

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This glorious piece of rental gear did not function as expected.

Always Take the Basics!

It was a dive that wasn’t supposed to happen. I had considered it, weighed the options, and rejected it. And then I signed up for it!I had plenty of time to prepare, even going so far as to look up connecting with a dive company outside of the cruise people. In essence, the number of excuses I have for not bringing my own gear is ZERO. Rental gear is…

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