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It’s official: Spartan SCUBA is now the only listed dealer of Dive Rite gear within almost 250 miles! In fact, you’d have to go to Canada to find the next dealer listed on the map.

From BCD’s to regulators, Spartan SCUBA carries your direct line to some of the best technical dive gear on the planet. 

Dive Rite: equipment for serious divers.

So, if you see something you like on the DiveRite site, or want to come browse our in-stock products, let us know. 

Until then, train hard – dive easy!

Dr Eric "Doc" Strand

After being injured in the line of duty while serving in the Marines, SSGT Strand transitioned to Dr. Strand, and spent the next 25 years practicing medicine, dedicating his time and energy to bringing better health and enlightenment to the community he served. After learning to dive with his family, he quickly felt a growing passion for the underwater world: the peace and tranquility was greater than any form of meditation he'd ever tried. SCUBA diving became the hobby at first, then moved slowly into the next, and hopefully last profession. A published author and poet, Doc's passion for creativity coupled with his experiences and travels abroad impact not only his writing style, but also his passion for life, teaching, SCUBA diving, and medicine.

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