Sunrise Dive Park

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July 12 - July 14
July 18 @ 4:30 am - 6:00 pm
August 2 @ 4:30 am - 5:00 pm
August 16 - August 18
August 30 @ 4:30 am - 6:00 pm
September 20 - September 22

About the site

Sunrise Dive Park is located directly off the back porch of the Sunrise Resort on Hood Canal. Nestled in the popular dive town of Hoodsport, Washington. The site sits just about 45 minutes away from the I-5/US-101 interchange (exit 104).

The resort itself rests quietly on the east side of US-101.

Address: 24520 US-101, Hoodsport, WA 98548

As you step up to the retaining wall at the top of either staircase running down to the ocean, you will be facing about 110°. Head straight out to a depth of ~45′ (at an 8′ tide) and you’ll run headlong into one of many wrecks at this site. Set your compass for 290° and you’ll head right back to whence you came. 

The shoreline slopes from southwest to northeast.

There is parking both south and north of the Resort. If you park in the more spacious south lot you will have a set of stairs to navigate in getting to the benches where you’ll set up gear. 

The north lot is a little closer to water access and has no obstacles such as stairs or alligator traps, but there are much fewer spaces. If you do use this space, back up your rig to unload, then move to a space where you won’t block others, or get blocked in!

All parking surfaces are unlined, packed gravel.

Street parking is reserved for Resort guests. 

Fees and Such.

Anyone accessing the water and not staying at the resort must pay a $20+tax/person beach fee. This allows access to the diver amenities such as bathroom, BBQ area, and hot tub.

Tank fills are available on site for $10+tax.

There is a coffee shop in the main office on the top floor where you can purchase drinks and pastries, as well as hot-n-fresh pizza. Pizzas are $15 (again, +tax).

On site amenities:

  • Air fills: air and nitrox fills available. Prefer yoke or DIN with a plug for ease in filling, but it’ll get done either way.
  • Bathroom: at the north end of the resort is a guest bath, complete with commode, shower, and a washer and drier should you need.
  • BBQ: two grills for use – one charcoal, one gas. Plenty of cooking utensils available right there as well. 
  • Dive flags: forgot one? No sweat. There are always one or two dive floats available to drop before you plunk.
  • Dry room: a place for your exposure suits to hang dry durring surface intervals. 
  • Food: onsite coffee shop has drinks, pastries, and hot pizzas (check for availability of type).
  • Hot tub: there’s a well maintained hot tub for those not participating in deep diving activities. Towels are available next to BBQ area. 
  • Lodging: want to extend your experience? Stay here. Sleep. Roll out of bed and into the water. Then do it again tomorrow. 
  • Rinse station: outdoor shower and large trough filled with fresh water is available for rinsing you and your gear post dive and pre-packup.

Dive Stuff

Prerequisits: None to dive the site. Reservations are required to stay at the resort. 

Entry/Exit: there are two staircases extending to the ocean floor, one at either end of the resort. There is a dock, however it is not currently accessible to the public during construction. At an 8′  tide the water comes to the bottom of the steps. At a zero tide there is about a 35′ walk to the water across rocks and shells. Watch your step!

Current: typical for the Sound, there is little to no current here. 

Depth: the dive site here has a gradual slope out to about 50′ depth, after which it drops off fairly quickly to the depths of the canal. It takes approximately 8 minutes at a moderate pace to get to the 100′ boats (see map).

Water Temp: typical for the Sound. At depth the temperatures range from 49-53° (warmer in the winter at 100′). Surface temperatures range from 48-65°. Any periods of mountain runoff will bring super cold water to the top layers, making the saftey stop range a bit uncomfy if you aren’t prepared for it. 

Things to see: aside from the typical PNW sealife (GPO, wolf eel, flounder, perch, rockfish, harbor seal, crab, plumose anemonae, and a plethora of jelly fish and nudibranch) there are ten wrecks within recreational limits, along with other fun things to find and see. The site has been well-mapped.

Resort Contact Information

The Sunrise Dive Park ~ Courtesy of the Spartan Dive Team.

Maps Available for Sale

Personal use maps are available for purchase. We have quarter sheet 10mm laminated for underwater use, 13×19 prints, and 18×24 laminated for “wet” environment available.