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Bubble Tide: San Diego Tips

Good morning, San Diego!

Did you know that this area is home to some of the best diving in the Continental United States? Honestly, the entire California coast is littered with everything and anything you might want to experience. But San Diego in particular? *bites palm of hand* YES PLEASE!

Image by Christina Winter from Pixabay

La Jolla Shores, San Diego

La Jolla Shores Cove is an excellent location for walk-in shore diving, complete with outdoor showers and hard-site restrooms. If that’s not your cup of tea, San Diego is also home to “Wreck Alley“, a predominantly intentional, artificial reef of sunken vessels and bridges to encourage aquatic life and adventures.

If shore diving isn’t your bag, then hop on any one of a number of charter operations in the area. I have personally experienced (and loved!) dives on the HMCS Yukon and the Ruby E., both of which offer something for both the recreational sport and technical diver alike. 

But there is so much more to this area!

The Recommendations

If you find yourself with dive-time on your hands and a little bit of cash in your pocket, then here are three of my favorites in town.

Dive Shop

If you are a hardcore diver from anywhere that uses steel tanks versus aluminum, or need a bail out or deco bottle with stage rigging, then San Diego Divers is the shop for you. 

Their adequately outfitted retail shop has most things you could need or want, but the rental department is the best in the area.

Charter Operation

I cannot recommend Marissa Charters enough. Captain Lora and Divemaster Chris, along with one or both little ride-along beagles, Captain and Scout, are capable, professional, friendly, and highly experienced in making sure your dive adventure goes off without a hitch.

From Wreck Alley to discovering new and colorful natural reefs to dive, this is the go-to operation for the Spartan Dive Team. If you go, please tell Captain Lora that Doc says “hi” and I’ll be back again soon!

Post Dive Noms

If you took my advice, your charter above drops you back at the Mission Bay Sportscenter, which is just a hop, skip, and a jump away from the Pacific Beach Ale House

Being from the PNW I much prefer the craft beer ambiance, and this spot has that in spades!

Not that the beers are what I’m after, because I save all my carb loading for one of their to-die-for burgers. *insert drooling face emoji here* 

Strawberry Ledges dive: 94 FSW.

Whatever your passion, whatever your reason for being here, make sure you bookend your dive day by enjoying the epic sunrise over Mission Bay, and the brilliant sunset off of Pacific Beach. 

Enjoy the area, and tell us about your favorite places to dive and dine.

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