Wreck Diver – Limited Penetration (SDI)


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Are you ready to explore the underwater wrecks of our world safely? This class will help prepare you to navigate the outside of any wreck, and if you’re up for it, teach you limited penetration. This course is taught locally, with open water dives requiring travel. Please consult with your instructor in order to discover which wrecks may best suit your diving desires.

Who this course is for: individuals who wish to know more about the wreck diving including researching wrecks; mapping wrecks; proper use of lines while diving wrecks; exploring underwater history.

Course requirements: SDI Open Water certification or equivalent; reel with line; both visible and audible signaling device; personal dive computer (PDC); personal dive equipment (or rental).

Cost of course includes: eLearning code; class time with instructor; instructor accompaniment on training dives.

Not included: additional cost of charter or travel to wreck; air fills; equipment.