Underwater Navigation


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Are you ready to learn the in’s and out’s of navigating underwater?

Navigation under the glimmering surface of the sea is difficult at best; add any sort of current or limited visibility to the mix and any chances of getting to where you want to go are reduced from slim to fat-chance! Even if you have an exceptional understanding of land navigation and compass-work, navigating underwater is a different beast altogether. The constantly changing landscape, coupled with the fact that YOU are part of what is moving (in more than one direction at a time) makes this a skill you definitely need to practice in order to master.

This course requires at least three dives, although more can be added at the discretion of your instructor.

What you will learn: basics of an analogue compass and how to use it for navigation; personal dive computer compass work; appropriate use of a finger spool or cave reel for basic navigation in limited visibility; how to get from point A to point B when everything around you moves; using an underwater map; and much more.

Cost of course includes:

  • eLearning Code
  • Class time with instructor
  • Open water dives*
  • Certification Card (mailed to diver) upon completion

Equipment/certification requirements: SDI Open Water diver or equivalent; underwater compass; personal dive computer (PDC); dive equipment (or rental); finger spool or reel.

*does not include air/Nitrox or equipment rental.