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March Madness!!

Happy March!

It’s official, we are deep in the middle of Oregon’s season of “Second Winter”, which is followed closely by “Mud Season”, and finally Spring. And that means it’s time for most of us to shake the dew off our fins, grease the drysuit zippers, and get back into some bubble therapy.

Great response...

We got some really good feedback from our January course special of TDI Nitrox, and since we like getting the Scooby Snacks and good-scuba-shop pets on the head, we’ve decided to make this a regular thing. 

So, we’ve decided to run six specials per year, every other month on the odds (1,3,5, etc…), and featuring courses that our growing community of Spartan Scuba divers are buzzing about. Therefore, and without further ado…

It's time to get deep!

Starting today Spartan Scuba will be offering our SDI Deep Diver course for only $125. This prepares the diver to safely dive to depths of 130 feet. 

But wait, there’s more!

But wait, there's more!

Because life isn’t always about going deep, we’ve also decided to give the additional benefit of up to three additional specialty courses.

If you buy the Deep Diver course before the end of March 2023, you’ll also receive a discount code good towards any, or all three, of our specialty courses: Advanced Buoyancy, Night/Limited Visibility, and/or Underwater Navigation. This code will be good through April 2023, and give the diver 31% off each of the courses listed. 

Of course there are some rules, such as: code can only be used by Deep Diver purchaser; code expires at midnight on April 30, 2023; code can only be used once (so put all the specialties in your cart at once, if you want more than one); and code will be emailed to the Deep Diver course purchaser with their eLearning code.

Just trying to do the right thing...

Diving already comes with a large price tag, and while we are definitely trying to grow a new company, it’s the most important to us to take care of our dive community. As such, we are setting our “Monthly Specials” prices to cover only our cost of the course and certification materials, gas money, and enough air fills to get the job done.

We won’t be able to do this forever, mind you. Once we grow into an actual shop and hire our first employees our course special costs will have to change. But, until then, as long as we can cover our costs, we’ll pass along as much of the savings as possible. 

We are firm believers in scuba karma and no matter our situation, employees or no, we will always try and do the right thing to take care of all of our divers and our dive community. 

See you under water!

Doc Strand

An eight year Marine Corps veteran, Dr. Strand discovered Chinese medicine as a last resort when recovering from a military related injury. He has since dedicated his life to the practice of medicine; a doctor to all - a healer to many. In recent years he has turned to SCUBA diving as a meditation aid in his quest for ultimate peace. The desire to share that gift led to the creation of Spartan Scuba. Doc’s experiences and travels abroad impact not only his writing style, but his passion for life, scuba, and medicine.

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