Refund Policies

Spartan Scuba and Dive Team wishes to provide the best experiences, services, and products. Part of providing great experiences is ensuring peace of mind that if you purchase something you can feel confident that you will receive exactly what you’ve invested in or will get your money back. 

We understand that life gets in the way of best laid plans, interrupting trips, classes, or events. We have done our best to make sure that regardless of what life throws in the way everyone involved is compensated and refunded appropriately.

Please see the refund policies below. If purchasing a physical item to be shipped and delivered see the “Items” refund policy. If purchasing a trip or event please see the “Trips” refund policy. If purchasing a certification or class please see the “Classes” policy.

As always, email with any and all questions or concerns.

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You may request to cancel your ticket for a full refund, up to seven days (84 hours exactly or greater) before the date of the event/trip

“date of the event/trip” is defined here and throughout the document as 12:00am (midnight) PST on the displayed start date.

Cancellations between seven and three days (anything less than 84 hours and greater than 72 hours) days before the date of the event/trip may transferred to a different date of the same (same location & duration regardless of display title) event/trip.

Cancellation requests made within three days (exactly 72 hours or less) of the date of the event/trip may not receive a refund nor a transfer.

When you register for a trip/event, you agree to these terms.


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