Scuba Club Cozumel: Dive-tober

October 5, 2024 - October 12, 2024
A scuba diver floating effortlessly in the water column after a deep dive in Cozumel, Mexico.

We have earned enough clout at Scuba Club that they’ve allowed us to schedule our tip, our way… SPARTAN STYLE!

We are setting up this trip to take care of any sort of certification package you need. We’ve got our Divemaster accustomed to our training styles and have already set him up to expect anything we throw at him. 

When we go to Cozumel, we go O.G.! Scuba Club Cozumel is the original dive resort established in 1976 just for us! With epic access to the water, and breakfast and lunch included, the 5 days of boat diving seem like a cherry on top.

Cozumel is home to come of the best drift diving on the planet, with carefully managed coral reefs and stunning wall dives plummeting into the abyss, you will certainly see and experience something never before imagined in these waters.

Package 1: Certified Diver – $1499*

  • Includes 8 days and 7 nights in Cozumel, MX – 10 dives minimum!
  • 5 days of 2-tank boat diving
  • unlimited shore diving
  • breakfast and lunch included
  • nitrox available (not included).

Package 2: Make Me a/an (insert desired certification package here) Diver! – $1999*

  • Open water diver. Learn to SCUBA dive in the warm, crystal clear waters of Cozumel. 
  • AN/Deco diver. You’re already deep and Nitrox certified? Let us teach you how to dive safely to 150′ using up to 100% oxygen!
  • Triple threat diver. Pick from any of the following three course packages:

      (1) The Cozumel Courses: get your Wreck, Boat, and Drift diver certifications.
      (2) The Advanced Diver pack: unleash your inner advanced diver with your Night, Underwater Navigation, and Deep Diver certs.
      (3) The Anything Goes pack: choose any three from (1) and (2) above, or any two plus TDI Nitrox.

The open water package includes a new mask and snorkel, and all of your rental gear from Spartan Scuba. Cost includes: all eLearning and academic time with your instructional team before we go; pool training prior to departure; open water certification dives in Mexico; and registration and certification card (sent to diver’s address on file) upon successful completion.

All other certification courses include: eLearning and academic time with instructional team; open water training and certification dives in Mexico; registration and certification card (sent to the shop) upon successful completion.

Package 3: I’m just along for the ride! (Non-diver) – $999*

Not a diver but love the sand and sun? Come be our shore support and keep those hammocks warm!

Schedule Details

Why Scuba Club Cozumel? Because they have been dedicated to the diver experience since creation, and that means something! On top of that they offer: 

  • A guarded private resort for guests only,
  • SCUBA shop on site,
  • extra boat dives, wreck, and twilight/night dives available,
  • 32-40% nitrox fills available for those certified,
  • resort-dedicated boats with daily pick-up!
The financial details:
Non-refundable. Trip must be paid in full by September 15, 2024. Open water student fees must be paid prior to any training – additional $300 due at booking per Open Water student diver.
Not included: resort fee, Marine Park fee of $7/boat dive day/diver, additional dives, additional taxes, dive/medical insurance, dinner, alcoholic beverages, and some other drinks.
DAN Trip Insurance is highly recommended to protect your experience investment. The highest level of protection which offers a 75% “cancel for any reason” refund is less than $200.
DAN Diver Insurance is highly recommended to protect your health and travel dives. The highest level of protection which covers recompression chamber as well as search and rescue is on $75 a year per diver, or $100 for family coverage.
Payment breakdown:
Package 1: $1,499.99 – $300 due at signup; 50% remainder by 6/15/2024 with remainder by 9/15/2025.*
Package 2: $1,999.00 – $600 due at signup; 50% remainder by 6/15/2024 with remainder by 9/15/2025.*
Package 3: $999.00 – $300 due at signup; 50% remainder by 6/15/2024 with remainder by 9/15/2025.*

 *all payments are non-refundable. Cancellation for any reason should be reported to trip insurance for reimbursement

More information:

Arrive at Cozumel International Airport (code CZM). Get bags and navigate through customs. Your Spartan Dive Team rep will meet you out front and get you shuttled to our resort, where your other Spartan rep will help you get checked in, show you around, and get you registered at the dive shop.

Certified divers, you’re on your own for the afternoon: head into town for grocery items or just grab a tank and jump into your bubble therapy!

Spartans to be, this is where your adventure begins! We will quickly get into our superhero SCUBA gear and start our first certification skills and dive. The goal will be to get at least one dive, but two is even better!

Dinner. We will be planning a group get-acquainted dinner at 1900 (7pm) at a close restaurant that’s just across from a grocery store: this is a perfect time to pick up bottled water, sunscreen, or any other essentials you may have forgotten.

Scuba Club Super Doc

Breakfast starts daily at 0700 with coffee service beginning at 0630. Join the line for the breakfast buffet and decide on either menu or daily special for lunch. Boats start arriving around 0800 for certified divers to shuffle aboard and get situated.

Spartans to be, you will have the entire morning to yourself! Lay in the sun, head into town, or relax in a hammock while reading a book (aka “napping”). The morning boat dives are usually back around noon for lunch, after which we’ll head back out and wrap up the remaining required 2-3 dives.

Evening plans are up to you. Glom onto one another or your Spartan Dive Team leaders or go it alone: the adventure is yours to choose!

The Real Scuba Steve decompressing

From today until Thursday night, we’ll all be together!

Morning boat 2-tank dive will probably be a bit shallower, no deeper than 60 fsw, to accommodate our first-time bubble heads. But, since that’s where the best stuff to see lives, all the better!

Back for lunch and then free time until the evening when anyone who wants to experience shore diving at night is welcome to join our Chief Spartan on an epic diving adventure. Don’t be surprised to see a spotted eagle ray zoom right past you, baby drum fish, lionfish, and lots of other little critters skuttling about the sea floor.

Cozumel Dive Buddy

Morning boat dive for everybody! The afternoon will consist of a specially scheduled 1-tank boat dive to explore the inside of a wreck. Advanced divers only on this one. Other boat dives can be scheduled or joined.

Dinner: this evening we will be gathering at a great place just south of the resort for dinner and a nightcap at the Blue Angel. Hopefully they’ll have lionfish back on the menu!


Let’s do yesterday again, only this time, we have the opportunity to add on a 2-tank “twilight” dive. This gets us in the water at dusk, and then back down again for a night dive.

Anyone is welcome to add on to this dive for only $95, plus 21% tax.

Cozumel 2202 - Meet the Hansens

Morning boat dives; hopefully this time we’ll be diving some of the deeper walls.

Once we return, the afternoon is wide open. Schedule more boat dives, blow bubbles off the shore, or head into town for some time on two legs.


For most of us, this is an off day. Remember that the rule is 24 hours between your flight and surfacing from your last dive. Your Spartan Dive Team will be heading out for a 2-tank morning technical dive which should put us back just before the end of lunch, and well within our pre-flight requirements, while our brand-new Spartans will be headed out for their fifth 2-tank boat dive of the week.

Divers should feel free to schedule boat dives or jump into the water with a tank out front of the resort as desired, just watch your times!

Dinner. Tonight, we’ll be headed into town for an amazing group good-bye meal at a beautiful Italian restaurant featuring a spectacular open courtyard and memory-making food.

Come join in

Get up, have coffee, and breakfast before heading back to your room to pack everything up. Get ready to check out by noon. Disperse tips in the proper envelopes for housekeeping, the restaurant, your dive boat, and resort divemaster appropriately.

We will have lunch on site, take some final photos, exchange contact information, and then convoy to the airport en masse.


“The bottom of Doc’s fins!”

AND… spotted eagle rays, nurse sharks, lionfish, giant grouper, drum fish, porcupine fish, and if you’re luck – seahorses. And MUCH, much more.

Pretty similar to the Oregon coast with crystal clear waters at a balmy 80-84°.

Some, but not all. Breakfast and lunch are included, but dinner is on your own. We have organized three “group” dinners to encourage camaraderie, but nothing obligatory.

Tough question. The simple answer is yes, but why? Kids under 10 can stay in their parent’s room for free, and there are some rooms with a small, futon-like couch for little Jr. Third Wheel to camp out, but someone has to be there to watch the little tykes at all times. 

You’d be the first. This is our inaugural trip, and the first of many to come and we’re going someplace we are extremely familiar with. The resort and staff are built around the diver experience. Rooms are air conditioned, beds are clean, and everyone gets their own private place to shower and poop (different tools for each!). What more could you ask for?

US! You get to dive with us. 

All rooms are air conditioned, spacious with a balcony overlooking the ocean, have one or two queen beds depending on your needs, a private bathroom with shower, small sitting area, a closet safe for your valuables, and a mini refrigerator. 

If you want to save your seat for this epic trip, simply fill out the form below and click “SEND”, *or* try the button below and call to place your order. Let us know who you are, how you’d like to be contacted, and if you’re a diver, a non-diver, or a student. One of the Spartans will help set you up for an excellent tropical adventure.

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Do not hesitate to give us a call. Our Spartan team is here to make sure you have the best trip possible.