Captain Don's, Bonaire

May 11-19, 2024

Dive into an underwater paradise where vibrant coral gardens teem with life just a fin kick from shore. Picture yourself in Bonaire, the uncontested Shore Diving Capital of the World. Imagine slipping beneath crystal-clear waters, sunlight dancing on reefs bursting with color, where friendly turtles glide by and vibrant fish swarm through coral cathedrals.

Bonaire isn’t just stunning; it’s effortless. With over 60 dive sites accessible from land, you can choose a new underwater adventure every day. No boat hassles, no waiting, just pure diving. Glide along tranquil walls teeming with sponges and seahorses, explore shipwreck mysteries, or drift with gentle currents alongside majestic eagle rays. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a curious beginner, Bonaire’s calm waters and diverse reefs welcome you with open fins.

Join us on this unforgettable journey and experience the magic of Bonaire firsthand. Imagine your days filled with breathtaking dives, lazy beach afternoons, and evenings spent sharing stories under starry skies. This isn’t just a diving trip; it’s a chance to reconnect with nature’s wonders and create memories that will last a lifetime. Don’t miss your chance to dive into the beauty of Bonaire!

The Spartan Bonaire Package

This trip includes up to 18 boat dives (3 per day) with unlimited shore diving, and all the Nitrox you can handle (for those certified to do so)! Daily breakfast is included!

Stay in one of three two bed-bedrooms of the luxurious villas, each with air conditioning and its own private bathroom! Book with a friend, or meet your next life-long dive buddy with Spartan Scuba as we discover all that Bonaire has to offer.

Why Captain Don’s?

Captain Don’s Habitat isn’t just a resort; it’s a gateway to diving freedom. Imagine stepping out your door and onto a breathtaking house reef, teeming with fish and brimming with color. This iconic Bonairean haven lets you set your own diving pace, with shore diving accessible right from the resort and a top-notch dive shop ready to cater to your every need. Relax by the oceanfront pool, indulge in delicious meals with stunning sea views, and soak up the laid-back atmosphere – Captain Don’s is where diving dreams come true.

Dive into these Captain Don’s highlights:

  • Unbeatable location: Right on the water with immediate access to the famous house reef.
  • Diving freedom: Shore diving galore, nitrox tanks on hand, and a friendly, professional dive shop to assist you.
  • Relaxation redefined: Oceanfront pool, comfortable accommodation, and a casual, welcoming vibe.
  • Ocean views for days: Dine on fresh seafood overlooking the turquoise waters, and watch spectacular sunsets paint the sky.
  • Island spirit: Experience the genuine Bonairean charm through Captain Don’s warm hospitality and local connections.

Ready to dive into your Bonaire adventure? Captain Don’s Habitat awaits!

The financial details:

Non-refundable: trip insurance with refundability is highly recommended. See DAN Trip Insurance below. Trip must be paid in full by March 10, 2024. 
What’s included: roundtrip airport transfers on Bonaire, 7 nights oceanfront accommodations, welcome rum punch, manager’s reception, daily buffet breakfast, Free Wi-Fi, 6 days of 3 single tank boat dives daily and 24-hour unlimited shore diving, including tanks, weights & belt, Free Nitrox, and hotel service fees.
Not included: $75 Tourism Visitor Tax and $40 Marine Park Fee are paid online or on island to gov’t of Bonaire. Airfare is not included and must be purchased separately. Also not included are dive/medical insurance, trip insurance, lunch, dinner, and  alcoholic beverages.
Trip Insurance is highly recommended to protect your experience investment. Two options are DAN trip insurance and Maduro Dive Trip Insurance. There are other options out there, so please do your own due diligence and choose the insurance that best protects your trip and equipment.
DAN Diver Insurance is highly recommended to protect your health and travel dives. The highest level of protection which covers recompression chamber as well as search and rescue is on $75 a year per diver, or $100 for family coverage.
Payment breakdown:
50% deposit due at time of signup. Remainder due by March 10th, 2024.  All payments are non-refundable. Cancellation for any reason should be reported to trip insurance for reimbursement
Schedule Details

Arrive at Bonaire, Caribbean Netherlands  (code BON). Get bags and navigate through customs. Your Spartan Dive Team rep will meet you out front and get you shuttled to our resort, where your other Spartan rep will help you get checked in, show you around, and get you registered at the dive shop.

Certified divers, you’re on your own for the afternoon: head into town for grocery items or just grab a tank and jump into your bubble therapy!

Spartans to be, this is where your adventure begins! We will quickly get into our superhero SCUBA gear and start our first certification skills and dive. The goal will be to get at least one dive, but two is even better!

Dinner. We will be planning a group get-acquainted dinner at 1900 (7pm)

Grab breakfast and get ready for your day. Divers will be getting their boat times and collecting gear, while divers-to-be will be getting their certification plans for the day. All of the training/certification dives will take place between boat dives for the rest of the group. Don’t worry! By the end of today, you’ll be a certified diver, ready to take on whatever the underwater world has in store for you tomorrow.

The Real Scuba Steve decompressing

From today until Friday night, we’ll all be together!

Days filled with 3-tank dives and all the shore diving you can handle. Eat when you’re hungry, nap when you feel like it, and dive the rest of the time. 


Our last day of diving! Remember that the rule is 24 hours between your flight and surfacing from your last dive. Divers should feel free to schedule boat dives or jump into the water with a tank out front of the resort as desired, just watch your times!

Dinner. Tonight, we’ll be planning a group dinner again. This is a great time to grab group photos, exchange numbers and emails, and start planning your next dive-acation!

Come join in

Your departure time from the resort will vary based on your flights out of Bonaire. Please coordinate this with the resort. Many of us will be on the same, limited number of flights off the island today, so everyone should stick with their travel buddy.


“The bottom of Doc’s fins!”


Bonaire’s underwater world explodes with life at every turn. Imagine swimming beside graceful sea turtles as they munch on seagrass, or spotting a shy seahorse camouflaged amidst the coral. Schools of vibrantly colored reef fish like Queen angelfish and blue tangs paint the scene with a rainbow of hues, while playful butterflyfish flit by in a flurry of fins. Look closely for fascinating macro creatures like nudibranchs and flamboyant crabs, or be surprised by a mischievous octopus peeking out from its den. For experienced divers, the thrill of spotting a majestic eagle ray soaring overhead or even a curious shark patrolling the depths adds an extra layer of excitement. And don’t forget to explore the eerie beauty of sunken shipwrecks like the Hilma Hooker, teeming with marine life and whispering tales of the past. Whether you’re a seasoned diver or a curious beginner, Bonaire’s underwater world holds endless wonders waiting to be discovered.

Pretty similar to the Oregon coast…

In May, Bonaire’s water conditions are ideal for divers, offering a perfect blend of warmth, clarity, and calm:

Temperature: Expect water temperatures hovering around a blissful 28°C (82°F), making a thin wetsuit or even just a rashguard comfortable for most divers. It’s warm enough to enjoy extended dives without feeling chilled afterwards.

Visibility: May boasts some of the best visibility on the island, often exceeding 50 meters (160 feet), depending on the dive site and weather conditions. This incredible clarity allows you to appreciate the vibrant coral reefs and marine life in stunning detail, turning every dive into an underwater spectacle.

Currents: May is known for its generally calm currents, making it a relaxed and stress-free diving experience. While some sites might have slightly stronger currents depending on tides and location, overall, it’s a perfect time to leisurely explore the reefs without needing to exert extra effort.

Surface conditions: You can expect calm seas and minimal wind in May, creating a glassy surface for easy entry and exit. This also ensures optimal conditions for boat dives, if you choose to venture beyond the shore.

Here’s a quick summary of Bonaire’s water conditions in May:

  • Temperature: 28°C (82°F)
  • Visibility: 50+ meters (160+ feet)
  • Currents: Calm to mild
  • Surface conditions: Calm seas, minimal wind

Remember, while May offers consistently great conditions, it’s always good practice to check local weather and dive reports before heading out. This will ensure you’re well-prepared for any slight variations and choose the perfect dive site for your skill level and preferences.

With its warm, clear, and calm waters, May is truly a prime time to experience the magic of Bonaire’s underwater world. Go ahead, pack your diving gear and prepare to be captivated by the stunning beauty that awaits!

Breakfast is included in your package. Divers are a funny breed when it comes to food. Not everyone wants to eat at the same time, and eating food out gets expensive. That’s why we’ve added a breakfast option while staying in the villas where we have a full kitchen at our disposal to make some fantastic, “home-cooked” meals. 

Sorry, but no. This is a tot free trip. Unless they’re a diver, or diver-to-be, place the little ones on a shelf in the closet until you get home.

Don’t really do that. And I shouldn’t have to say that, but you know… America and all. 

Dive into Discovery and Fun with Spartan Scuba in Bonaire!

Escape the ordinary and plunge into an unforgettable diving adventure with Spartan Scuba in Bonaire, the world’s Shore Diving Capital. Experience vibrant coral reefs teeming with life, crystal-clear waters with visibility that stretches for miles, and a laid-back island vibe that will leave you breathless.

But this isn’t just any dive trip. Buckle up for an experience where passion meets expertise. You’ll be diving alongside the Spartan Dive Team: a group of exceptional divers with an impeccable safety record and a shared love for the underwater world. They’re not just guides, they’re friends who will share their knowledge, enthusiasm, and infectious good vibes, making every dive an adventure filled with laughter and discovery.

More than just dives, we’re about connection. This is a chance to meet like-minded adventurers, share stories under starry skies, and forge friendships that will last a lifetime. And while we explore the underwater wonders, we’ll do it responsibly, protecting the fragile marine environment that fuels our passion.

So, are you ready to:

  • Glide through untouched reefs teeming with vibrant life
  • Experience the freedom of shore diving, just steps from your paradise
  • Learn from and dive alongside a team of seasoned experts who prioritize safety and fun
  • Make lifelong friends who share your love for the ocean
  • Become part of a community dedicated to protecting our underwater playground

Don’t just dive, join the Spartan family in Bonaire. This is more than a trip, it’s an unforgettable experience.

Book your spot today and let’s create memories that will last a lifetime!

If you want to save your seat for this epic trip, simply fill out the form below and click “SEND”, *or* try the button below and call to place your order. Let us know who you are, how you’d like to be contacted, and if you’re a diver, a non-diver, or a student. One of the Spartans will help set you up for an excellent tropical adventure.

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